Daisy Spongette - Papaya Yuzu

Daisy Spongette - Papaya Yuzu

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Everything you love about Spongellé in a convenient travel-size Spongette meets Daisy Collection’s signature flower design infused with more washes. Accepted on all airlines, leak-proof, easy to carry, and everything you need for soft and radiant skin.

Good for 7+ washes per buffer. Transform bath time into a luxurious retreat with our indulgent bath sponges, making them the perfect addition to spas, gift shops, and apparel boutiques alike. These plush and invigorating body care tools add a touch of opulence to any self-care routine, creating a spa-like experience in the comfort of one's home. Ideal for inclusion in body care gift sets or as standalone wellness gifts.

Smells Like

  • Decadent room-service and nothing on the agenda.
  • Top: Mélange Of Fruity Notes
    Middle: Floral Notes Of Cyclamen And Bois De Rose
    Base: Sweet Sugary Caramel