Refresh Shower Steamer
Refresh Shower Steamer

Refresh Shower Steamer

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Bring aromatherapy right to your own shower!  As you shower, the steam and water will activate the all natural steamer, allowing you to breathe in both menthol and a variety of essential oil blends.  You will find a blend that will brighten your day or relax you before bed.

Aromatherapy has been shown to help balance hormones, relax muscle tension and anxiety levels - not to mention experiencing a scent that makes you feel all-around better!  It's like setting up the spa at home - without breaking the bank!

Place in the shower where the water can activate, but the steamer is not in the direct water stream.  To make the steamer last longer, set it on a wood/plastic dish (sold separately).  One steamer should last 2+ showers.

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