Most all of you know my story, the reason for District 23, and my commitment to CIAF. Your patronage of District 23 helps make CIAF outreach possible. We need your help to serve even more. When you become a hEARo, we’ll help more individuals and YOU!
$199 - hEARo level     • 23% discount on selected District 23 merchandise     • Name and logo on web site     • Access to store-related events early or as VIP status     • Guarantee of special promotions like gift bags     • Entrance to annual hEARo’s main event party - held every November
You’ll enjoy coming to the in-store events where you and other hEARo members will see and have first choice on new merchandise. Each of these intimate events will be tiny parties where you’ll get to know others from our community, discover the interests you share and the things you love to do, and having fun while doing great things for those in need!
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:How long am I a hEARo?Your hEARo status lasts for 12 months from the date of sign-up. The purpose of the hEARo program is to form a community of loving and supporting individuals committed to helping others, while we at District 23 help you.
Is the hero card transferable?No, the hEARo card is not transferable. Cards may not be shared. Each card will be registered in the persons name and you must have your picture ID when making a purchase.
Where are the hEARo events held?The majority of hEARo events will be held at the District 23 store location in Springfield. If any event is to be held off site, you will be notified in advance of the location, date and time.
Are there any exclusions on the 23% discount?Yes. The hEARo card cannot be used on some exclusive items such as Brighton®, essential oils, orgift cards.
Can I shop online at district23.com?


YES! All of our hEARoes will receive a 23% discount online. Discount is custom to each individual and and the hEARo discount cannot be shared or transferred. The name of the online purchaser (or in the store) must match the hEARo registration.