Balance Blend 12oz
Balance Blend 12oz
Balance Blend 12oz

Balance Blend 12oz

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As a parent of 3, trying to keep up with all of the crazy ups and downs that not only come with parenting, but from the juggling act that is "LIFE IN THE TWENTY FIRST CENTURY", there was a need to moderate the minds tendency to freak out. Curated with ingredients that can accentuate energy, focus, and mood, this coffee is sure to bring mindfullness and balance into your morning ritual.

This medium roast organic coffee blend features soft vanilla notes accentuated with a hint of lavender, giving it a unique, but addicting flavor that is perfectly enjoyable either hot or cold. 

About the Bean: This USDA organic, 100% arabica Nicaraguan bean is grown at high elevations, approximately 4,000ft, lending complexity to the flavor. Gently roasted to emphasize the brightness and sweet undertones that naturally occur in this bean. Wet processed. Medium caffeine level.

Tasting Notes: A medium roast perfectly sets off this lively blend, with vanilla and lavender undertones that combine for a blissfully unique brew, hot or cold.

Preparation: Brew however you typically brew your coffee. We suggest using 1-2 tbsp (1/3-1/2oz) ground coffee per 8-10oz water. Adjust to your preference. 

Supplement Information: All of our supplements come from accredited sources and are third party tested. All of our ingredients meet the "GRAS" guidelines set by the FDA, which deems them as safe for human consumption.**