Clean Beans 12oz
Clean Beans 12oz
Clean Beans 12oz

Clean Beans 12oz

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By popular demand, we are excited to bring you these Special Edition Whole Bean Coffee options. Since we only offer two whole bean coffees, we were incredibly selective about which we would use. Below, you'll find information about our Dark and Light roast specialty grade coffees, chosen for their  superior growing conditions and distinctive aroma and flavor. We hope you Enjoy:)

Our choice for dark roast coffee is a 100% arabica, single-origin Sumatran bean, celebrated for its earthy undertones and distinct chocolate notes, brought to light thanks to the roasting process. Indonesian coffee is noted for its rich, syrupy, full body, concentrated bold flavor, herbal aroma and long smooth finish. 

This coffee makes a fantastic espresso!

About the Bean: Grown in the Indonesian highlands, organic, ethically sourced, and most of all great tasting 100% Arabica coffee. Naturally Processed. Medium caffeine.

Tasting Notes: Rich and velvety, but not bitter. This medium bodied, dark roast has well balanced flavor, aroma, and low acidity. Enjoy a dark chocolate start with a sweet lingering on the tongue.

Preparation: Grind coffee to desired size. Brew however you typically brew your coffee. We suggest using 1-2 tbsp (1/3-1/2oz) ground coffee per 8-10oz water. Adjust to your preference.