Cognition Blend 12oz
Cognition Blend 12oz
Cognition Blend 12oz

Cognition Blend 12oz

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This rich and slightly nutty coffee is a favorite amongst our coffee connoisseur customers. It is well documented that the naturally occuring amino acid, L-Theanine, is the perfect tool to safely increase cognitive performance, mood, and attention.

The effects of this amino acid are known to be enhanced in the presence of caffeine, which makes this combo a NO BRAINER. In our Cognition Blend, we have selected a naturally higher caffeine containing bean and augmented it with a concentrated dose of L-theanine.

About the Bean: A blend of USDA organic Nicaraguan arabica and AA grade Indian cherry robusta. The beans selected for this roast have a naturally higher caffeine content than others, giving you extra clarity and energy so that you can power through the day. Naturally Processed.

Tasting Notes: Bold and rich, creamy, nutty flavor with a hint of chocolaty sweetness that packs a punch with double the caffeine of your typical cup of coffee. This dark roast makes an excellent espresso.

Preparation: Brew however you typically brew your coffee. We suggest using 1-2 tbsp (1/3-1/2oz) ground coffee per 8-10oz water. Adjust to your preference.

Supplement Information: All of our supplements come from accredited sources and are third party tested. All of our ingredients meet the "GRAS" guidelines set by the FDA, which deems them as safe for human consumption.**