Recharge Blend 12oz
Recharge Blend 12oz
Recharge Blend 12oz

Recharge Blend 12oz

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Too many wine refills over the holidays? Or, too many sit-ups from ambitious New Years resolutions?

The supplement line up in the ReCharge Blend is designed to help your body efficiently remove toxins while replenishing the vital nutrients that are lost as a result of... well... living life to it's fullest.

Whether you're a lush or a lightweight, whether you're just a busy person or hitting the gym hard to burn those holiday calories, this blend will make you feel charged and ready for whatever comes your way. In addition to possessing the focus amplifying and mood enhancing effects of our other blends, ReCharge brings some amazing new components to your cup.

About the Beans: A blend of USDA organic arabica Nicaraguan and AA Indian robusta beans selected to produce a rich, punchy coffee with naturally higher caffeine content. Naturally Processed.

Tasting Notes: This robust medium/dark roast is slightly smokey with an earthy finish and very slight coconut notes. Medium bodied and full of flavor, this coffee will lift you up and carry you through whatever your day throws at you.

Preparation: Brew however you typically brew your coffee. We suggest using 1-2 tbsp (1/3-1/2oz) ground coffee per 8-10oz water. Adjust to your preference. 

Supplement Information: All of our supplements come from accredited sources and are third party tested. All of our ingredients meet the "GRAS" guidelines set by the FDA, which deems them as safe for human consumption.